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Экологическая безопасность и здоровье

Palram is taking part in the global effort to conserve the environment by adopting progressive criteria in health issues. Palram also functions in all its pursuits to remove or minimize safety and environmental hazards for its employees, contractors, customers and the general public.
Our environmental health and safety management is based on the following principles:

  • Encourage behavioral and professional proficiency that will create safe working conditions.
  • Commit to constant improvements in the field of environmental health & safety and the prevention of pollution by using modern technologies,education and training staff and assimilate modern management methods.
  • Allocation of appropriate resources for planning and executing actions to ensure a safe, healthy and hygienic work environment and to preserve the environment.
  • Commitment to minimizing environmental health, safety and pollution hazards through suitable planning of procedures and facilities, while taking all the necessary preventative measures.
  • Develop our cooperation with the community.
  • Meeting all legislative requirements, standards and state rulings concerning environmental health and safety, including further requirements which the Company has undertaken.
  • Complete cooperation with environmental health and safety authorities.
  • Adopt and apply principles of ISI:18000 standard for administering ISO:14001 environmental health and safety.
  • The Company’s environmental policy will be disclosed to the public.
  • The policies will serve as basis for setting and examining safety and environmental goals and objectives.
  • All professional know-how concerning safety, health and environmental issues will be documented, updated and incorporated amongst the staff and any other relevant parties connected to the Company.
  • Integration of systems for administering environmental health & safety into the company’s management systems in order to increase efficiency and savings on resources.
  • Periodic reviews and updating of the health, safety and environmental policies.