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Технология SolarSmart™

Эффективное дневное освещение с блокировкой тепла


SolarSmart technology defies standard transmission of solar energy in transparent sheets and allows more versatile color and solar transmission specification per project. Unlike regular tints, SolarSmart sheets and panels admit more natural daylight while reflecting outwards Infrared radiation that creates heat. This characteristic breaks the traditional link between shading coefficient and light transmission, allowing a different perspective on the specification of natural light in architectural design.

Краткий обзор характеристик

Promotes energetic efficiency and well being
Better use of natural lighting without sacrificing the interiors
3 product groups with different properties and appearances
Reduces greenhouse effect
Applicable to all Palram transparent polycarbonate products
Can be used to tailor specific solar trnsmission properties

Области применения

Closed inhabited spaces
Architectural roofing and glazing
Sport venues
Covered walkways and canopies
Swimming pool covers
Pergolas and canopies