Human Resource Development

Palram invests extensively in the education of and improving the skills of its employees. The company encourages excellence and their professional development. Palram College was established to assist in achieving this objective. It is the corporate entity overseeing the organization of education within the company and overseeing the advancement of work related skills at the various levels.
There are a number of levels of study at The College:

  1. An entry level program for new employees that includes an acquaintance with Palram Industries as a global organization, instruction in the basic safety rules in the environment where the employee will work and specific professional skills that the intended position requires.
  2. A program for ongoing professional training that continually updates and improves the level of the professional skills of the workers and enables them to improve their performance at their jobs.
  3. A program that trains individuals to instruct within the framework of The College. This trains and oversees groups of instructors within the various departments, enabling them to instruct and improve the skills of Palram employees. The groups meet at regular intervals to improve their instructional skills.
  4. A program that trains and raises the skill levels of individuals employed on the production lines.
  5. A program that advances and improves the skills of those in management positions. This entails the defintion and determation of skills and needs of these personnel and builds an instructional program designed to meet them. The program includes both group seminars and individualized private instruction.

Additional Programs Overseen by Palram College:

  • Procedures for knowledge management whose objective is to preserve existing knowledge and develop new knowledge.
  • Technological education – Palram is involved with furthering the technological education of students attending elementary, intermediate and high schools in the region. Within this framework, students visit Palram in order to learn about industry, production and the relationship between the factory and the surrounding community.
  • Professional development within the organization and advising individual departments as the need arises.